What is Ashwagandha Moon Milk? Should You Have It or Avoid It?

what is moon milk?
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Health is the most significant concern for a person that invokes a sense of eating and drinking healthy. In this matter, moon milk is one such trend that has been growing for ages. It is a delicious and exquisite beverage having roots in Ayurvedic traditions. The idea of including moon milk in your daily life is to prevent insomnia, anxiety, and stress. Here’s your easy 15 min easy moon milk recipe.

Moon milk will calm your mind and help you in getting better sleep. In fact, it is a mixture of milk (almond, oat, or coconut), honey, varied spices, fruits or fruit extracts, ashwagandha, and herbs. All these constituents are known to give a soothing effect to your strained mind. 

The benefit of drinking moon milk is that it promotes peaceful sleep, calms or relax the mind, balancing hormones, relieves stress, and supports the immune system. With hectic work schedules, people are drawn towards stress easily. 

Besides this, situations getting out of control in life brings-in added amount of anxiety. It has necessitated the use of moon milk because of its healing properties. Everyone wants to sleep peacefully and get up with a fresh mind. So, moon milk helps in improving your lifestyle.

What's Inside Moon Milk?

moon milk ingredients

The essential ingredient of moon milk is plant-based milk made from oat, coconut, or almond. Further, adaptogens like ashwagandha are added to the milk. Ashwagandha has tons of benefits so it’s recommended to add ashwagandha in daily life. Here’s our list of best ashwagandha gummies.

Then, you can add sugar-free sweeteners like honey or maple syrup, or coconut nectar. 

After these, dried flower petals of the rose or lavender are added and stirred well. Besides these ingredients, moon milk consists of cardamom, turmeric, or cinnamon powder with coconut oil or ghee.  

Apart from this, you can add caramel and vanilla mix in place of oil or ghee. The moon milk is tasty and can boost your taste buds. Of course, you will feel good by drinking it. 

The idea of consuming moon milk is to ensure that you feel relaxed. Indeed, stress has become an integral part of our daily lifestyle, and the moon is the perfect answer to get relieved.

What is in Summer Moon Coffee and Moon Milk?

Along with summer moon milk, the summer moon coffee is making rounds in the health-conscious world. Definitely, it is not your usual coffee with normal milk and sugar. 

Summer moon coffee is a specialized form of coffee made from oat or almond milk, roasted coffee powder, cinnamon, and mild sugar. The mixture is churned repeatedly to form a smooth taste. Certainly, the taste and texture of the moon coffee will elevate your mood. 

On the other hand, moon milk is a mixture of oat or coconut milk, vanilla essence, cardamom powder, honey, and rose petals. These ingredients improve your sleep and relax your mind. Of course, you can take moon milk before going to bed at the night. 

This will enable you to get up the next day with a fresh and relaxed mind. Be it moon milk or moon coffee; the drinks are created to give you a stress-free lifestyle.

Summer moon coffee
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Summer Moon Coffee:

  • Helps Elevate Mood 
  • Can help Enhance Focus  
  • Ingredients: Almond milk, coffee powder, cinnamon, jaggery/sugar

Moon Milk

  • Helps to sleep easily and have a sound sleep
  • Used for Relaxation of mind 
  • Ingredients: Coconut milk,  vanilla essence, ashwagandha, cardamon powder, honey & rose petals

Copper Moon Coffee Vs. Moon Milk

Considering the copper moon coffee, it has a chocolatey taste and smooth finish. This coffee is made with oat or almond milk, coffee powder, and cinnamon powder. The best part of drinking copper moon coffee is that lowers acidity in your body. 

It means that you can drink the coffee to reduce acidic eruptions in the mouth. Copper moon coffee has health benefits, making it a preferred choice amongst health-conscious people. 

On the other hand, moon milk has a special preference because of its beneficial qualities finding a mention in Ayurveda. It is prepared with almond or coconut milk with honey, rose petals, and cinnamon powder. 

The best part of consuming moon milk is that you will have sound sleep and wake up with a calm mind. Its purpose is to relieve you from stress.


Moon milk and moon coffee are becoming prominent drinks amongst health-conscious people because they have excellent health benefits. It is all about soothing your mind, having a sound sleep, relieving stress, and reducing the production of acidic reactions in the body. One thing to note is that these drinks are not made from normal milk; they are created with almond, oat, or coconut milk.


1. What are the benefits of ashwagandha moon milk?

Ashwagandha moon milk benefits are believed to include promoting relaxation, reducing stress and anxiety, improving sleep quality, and providing anti-inflammatory properties. According to a study this magical herb has the potential to lower cortisol levels and improve brain function.

2. When is the best time to drink ashwagandha moon milk?

The best time to drink ashwagandha moon milk is 60 mins before bed. As  ashwagandha is believed to promote relaxation and improve sleep quality.

3. Is ashwagandha moon milk safe to drink?

Ashwagandha moon milk is generally considered safe to drink for most people. However always check with your doctor before consuming ashwagandha as it might have withdrawal symptoms if you stop it suddenly.



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