Essential Elements Vs Goli Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies – Which One to Choose?

Essential elements vs Goli ACV gummies detailed comparison
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If you’re someone who is a health freak and active on social media, then you definitely would have come across Apple Cider Vinegar products before. The product has created a great buzz around the internet due to its great health benefits. The question however still remains, what is really ACV?

In simple words, ACV is a vinegar that is made by fermenting apple juice. Around the world, and especially in India, it is a regular part of the household. It is used for salad dressing, food preservations, and chutneys. Apart from that, it is also a great home remedy for serval health-related issues.

Several clinical trials and studies have proven that ACV serves various health benefits. The only reason why people cannot consume this organic product at their will is that it has an abhorring taste, and several side effects when consumed in large quantities. But worry not, to tackle this issue, companies like Essential Elements and Goli Nutrition have come up with a solution to this problem.

Both these companies have come out with gummies made of ACV that are easy to consume and cause little to no harm. Just so you know we have curated a list of top ACV gummies just to give the best options available on the internet.

Now another question arises, which of these products should one consume?

Therefore, in this article, we have tried to scale the honest differences and nuances between the two products.

essential elements acv gummy
Essential Elements ACV Gummies
Goli ACV vitamin gummies
Goli ACV Gummies

Essential Elements VS Goli Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies - Detailed Comparison

No two companies are the same, therefore before the product, a buyer must always understand the nuances that the different companies are offering. For example, Essential Element Nutrition’s product is derived from “The Mother” of apple cider vinegar. “The Mother” here refers to that part of the ACV which contains beneficial proteins, enzymes, and bacteria.

Further, these gummies are fortified with essential Vitamin B. All the ACVs have a strong and harsh smell that origins from the acetic acid it contains. ACVs generated from “The Mother” are enjoyable as they have a red apple flavor, and they come without any strong smell or taste of the liquid vinegar.

Goli Nutrition’s ACV Gummies on the other hand also originating from “The Mother” are prepared with highly tested and selected organic ingredients. They provide gummies that are gluten-free, gelatin-free, vegan, and non-GMO. Also, they don’t have any artificial sweeteners or preservatives in their products. 

Description Essential Elements   Goli 
Starting Price 19.99/per bottle 19.00/ per bottle
Gummies Per Bottle 60 60
Serving Size 2 gummies per day 1-2 gummies, 3X per bottle
ACV 1000 mg per serving 500 mg per bottle
Additional Vitamins and Ingredients  Vitamin B12, Folic Acid (B9), Iodine Vitamin B12, B9, Pectin, Citric acid, Malic acid, Organic carrot, apple and blackcurrant 
Total Sugar 4g per serving 1g per serving
Gluten, Gelatin Gluten, soy, dairy, Shellfish Gluten, gelatin
Vegan Yes  Yes
Flavors Apple Beat juice, apple, and pomegranate
Feel and Texture Apple-shaped red gummies Round shaped squishy half circles


goli and essential elements acv packaging comparison

Both the products have similar packaging. They are supplied by their respective companies in a small cylindrical bottle, with airtight caps. The bottles have a wrapper around them which contains standard instructions about product’ ingredients as well as intake.

Goli nutrition’s gummies are available in 3 packages: a 6-month supply, 3-month supply, and 1-month supply. 

Essential Element has no such packages, as, unlike Goli’s gummies, Essential’s ACV gummies’ one bottle is meant to last one month, according to the dosage.

Feel and Texture


The ACV gummies from Goli are a little sticky and seem as if were left in the sun for a long time. Like childhood candies, they might stick to your teeth.

Essential Element’s ACV gummies are rather firmer and have a gel-like texture.


Although both the gummies have a very similar content matter, they still have a wide difference in taste. Since the main reason for people to switch to ACV gummies in place of liquid, is taste itself, it becomes very important to understand the two different tastes on offer.

On one hand, we have Goli’s gummies, which have a sweet fruity taste with no banalities and no resemblance to that of Vinegar. The Essential Element on the other hand has rich cindery flavors. At times it also tastes like red apples. However, it too has no scent nor taste of vinegar.

Several customers prefer Goli ACVs over Essential because of the superior taste.



The main reason to switch to ACV gummies is to keep the benefits of the ACV, sans the ugly taste. And that’s why it becomes important to understand the health benefits of Goli and Essential Elements gummies. Before we jump into the benefits according to the people, let’s take a look at the major ingredients that are present in the two products and understand how they are to help the consumers.

Besides ACV, which is obviously the main ingredient of ACV Gummies, Goli Gummies also have different sets of vitamins. The first on the list is Vitamin B12, this vitamin is essential to the body for DNA synthesis and red blood cell formation. it also helps keep nerves healthy further preventing numbness. The other Vitamin is B9, also called folic acid. Folic acid aids in maintaining a healthy brain, and keep out diseases like Dementia and Alzheimer’s. 

Essential Element’s ACV Gummies too have Vitamin B12 and Folic acid. Besides these two, it also has an addition of iodine and Vitamin B6. The former plays a great role in hormone regulation and boosting body performance. Vitamin B6 helps the body in strengthening overall cardiovascular and immune function.

According to customers who consumed Goli Gummy, their blood sugar and insulin levels improved. With longer usage, other benefits such as antiaging and skin improvement were also reported by some customers. While some also mentioned that the ACV gummies helped them lose or shed some weight. 

The customers who had a long consumed Essential Element ACV also felt similar effects. They elaborately explained how they had a boost in overall energy level, while their fatigue-related issues dropped considerably. Also, they experienced a decrease in appetite, which is said to be one of the biggest reasons why people were able to lose weight.

Final Thoughts

final thoughts between Goli and Essential Elements ACV gummies

So, we’re finally in that part of the article where we have to do that one thing we all despise the most, and that is choose between two top quality products. Thus far we have come to learn that ACV gummies are the way to go. With the great value and health benefits on offer, there’s no way that you want to miss out on them. Although there’s an honest difference between the two products which can play a huge part in customers choosing one product over the other. 

This nuance comes in the form of ACV serving in both products. Since Essential Element’s gummies have 1000mg of ACV per serving in comparison to the Goli’s 500mg, at times it becomes the obvious choice for people. Since more serving means that they will have to consume fewer gummies per day and the bottle of Essential Gummies will last longer than that of Goli. Although that is not the only major difference that the two products have. According to customer preferences, Goli ACVs taste better than Essential Element’s gummies. 

Therefore, at the end of the discussion, we will recommend you to try both of them and choose the best one, according to your need.

How Many ACV Gummies Should I take?

The recommended amount of intake according to the manufacturer is 1-2 gummies at once. They’re to be consumed thrice a day. The suggested use for Essential Element’s ACV Gummies is 2 gummies at a time, and that too only once a day.

Where Can I Buy Essential Elements ACV Gummies?

You can find these gummies on Amazon or on their official websites:

Purchase from here:



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