How to Make Apple Cider Vinegar Taste Good – Here’s Your Answer

here are a few tips to make your ACV taste good
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Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is one of the most preferred choices in daily lifestyle. The best thing about ACV is that it can enhance the absorption of nutrients in the body, augmenting better digestion, good skin texture, and a natural glow. Apart from this, apple cider vinegar is known to enhance the texture of glow of your hair too. 

But, the taste of apple cider vinegar is citric and tangy that can be sweetened with the addition of various things. Depending on the taste required, you can add honey, maple syrup, and water. The purpose of sweetening the taste of ACV is to make sure that the vinegar is consumed easily.  if you are someone who consumes ACV on a daily basis here’s our list of top apple cider vinegar gummies which you help you achieve your fitness goals without compromising the taste.

How to Make Apple Cider Vinegar Taste Good for Children?

Apple cider vinegar is beneficial for adults and kids too. In fact, it has various health benefits enhancing the appeal of hair, improving digestion, and skin texture. 

These factors are important for kids as well. But, the tangy taste of ACV is not acceptable by many children. So, you should change the taste of apple cider vinegar for them.

In this regard, you can dilute ACV with a part of water and a spoon of honey. This will sweeten the taste and easy for the kids to consume. On the other hand, apple cider vinegar gummies are available in the market. 

These gummies are safe to give to children, and they give the same results as drinking ACV with water and honey.

How to Make Apple Cider Vinegar Taste Good in Water?

When it comes to the matter of enhancing the taste of apple cider vinegar in water, you should add honey. Of course, you have to take ten parts of water to one part of apple cider vinegar and one spoon of honey. 

If you are not willing to use honey with apple cider vinegar and water; then, using a part of tea is the best option. Just make sure that the portion of tea should be less than one spoon. Indeed, the use of tea is to alters the tangy taste of ACV slightly.

YouTube Video on How to Make Apple Cider Vinegar Taste Good:

First of all, you are required to take a bottle with measurements on it. Then, fill half of the bottle with water and add some ice. After this, you can put two spoons of apple cider vinegar in the water. 

To enhance the taste, add some cinnamon powder and maple syrup to sweeten the drink. Lastly, add more water to the bottle, close the lid, and shake to mix the whole stuff.

Top 5 Best Ways to Make Apple Cider Vinegar Taste Good

  1. The pungent taste of ACV may require you to use it in pill form. This will help you to stay away from drinking it daily. It is the best way to ensure that you do not ingest it more than required because of its acetic quality.
  2. To make it sweeter, you can take a glass full of water. Add one spoon of apple cider vinegar, some honey, and half a lemon juice. Mix it well and drink. This drink will reduce the overall pungent taste of ACV. 
  3. Another way to enhance the taste of apple cider vinegar, you can add to your daily salads as dressing. Indeed, ACV is very famous as a dressing for a variety of salads. 
  4. If you cannot consume apple cider vinegar directly because of its sour taste, add some water, one spoon of ginger juice, black pepper, and ground cinnamon. It is better to mic ACV with some spicy mixture that reduces the strong taste. 
  5. Yet another way to enjoy apple cider vinegar is to make gummies. In this matter, just mix ACV, any juice, honey, or maple syrup, gelatin, or agar agar powder. After mixing, put it in the molds and freeze them. You can enjoy gummy candies made of ACV.


Apple cider vinegar is considered an important food material having lots of good properties. The purpose of ACV is to help you in managing a healthy lifestyle and reduce weight as well. For many people, it may taste pungent and acetic. 

You can add honey, lemon, cinnamon, water, and many other options for reducing the strong taste. In fact, apple cider vinegar can be consumed in the form of gummy candies as well. This way, you will not have to bear the pungent taste and stay healthy too.




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