Is ACV Bad for Kidneys? Does it Harm You In The Long Run? Let’s Find Out Here

is ACV bad for your kidneys? Read this before you take ACV
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Typically, apple cider vinegar or ACV is utilized as a component in salad dressings. But, it has remedial functions as well like diabetes, weight loss, dandruff, blood pressure, cholesterol management, gastritis, and cancer. 

It is well-known that ACV is developed by fermenting apples with yeast to formulate an alcoholic base. This is, further, combined with specified bacteria to form vinegar having acetic acid. 

The use of ACV can be dated back to ancient times, where people applied it for food preservation and disinfecting. As the science developed, ACV’s qualities were highlighted as a health benefactor too. Now, health-conscious people use it for various purposes.  Recently people are opting for ACV gummies as they are equally healthy and taste a lot better.

Is Apple Cider Vinegar Bad For Kidneys? Do They Affect Your Kidneys?

Considering the use of apple cider vinegar, it is an effective product that comes with qualitative health benefits. But as said, anything taken in excess is always not good. So, this means that taking apple cider vinegar above the recommended usage will leave side effects for sure. 

Taking note of the kidney, ACV treats kidney stones and does not harm them in any way. Though, you should always consume a moderate amount of apple cider vinegar daily. It will help you in removing kidney stones and do not have any ill effects.

Does drinking Apple cider vinegar every day affect your kidney?

When it comes to drinking apple cider vinegar, it can be taken daily in a moderate form. In fact, it is important to know that ACV’s consumption going beyond the recommended use by a doctor will always leave side effects. 

Though it won’t affect your kidney; but, other side effects can be dangerous. It includes loss of tooth enamel, acidic reactions in the body, loss of bones, and digestive disorders. 

The ACV is effective in treating kidney stones. All you have to do is mix two spoons of ACV in water and drink for the number of days recommended.  

Is Bragg apple cider vinegar bad for kidneys when drinking?

Apple cider vinegar is an integral part of baking, cooking, preserving, and salad dressings. As ACV has a lot of acetic acid in it, you should not drink it more often. People may think that Bragg apple cider vinegar is good or not. 

If taken in a controlled manner, ACV will not cause any harm. But, excessive use of apple cider vinegar will have adverse effects.

Is too much apple cider vinegar bad for your kidneys?

Taking anything beyond proper use can be troublesome. Be it in the case of weight loss, ACV or apple cider vinegar should be avoided beyond an advised consumption timeframe. Just ask your doctor before including ACV in your diet on regular basis.


Apple cider vinegar is a healthy product and has been used by people frequently. It has acetic acid that brings a sour taste. As it contains apple extracts, ACV is healthy to consume. All you have to make sure that the consumption does not cross the limit. 

Basically, ACV is meant to treat kidney stones and has proven beneficial as well. But, excessive intake can lead to bone loss, digestion problems, and many health issues. Even, people on diet or willing to lose weight should take it as per the doctor’s recommendation.


1. Can ACV cause kidney stones?

There is no scientific data backed evidence that ACV causes kidney stones or is the reason for reason for it. However, excessive consumption of ACV may lead to an increase in the acidity of urine, which can contribute to the formation of kidney stones.

2. Can ACV worsen kidney disease?

There is no proven research on the effects of ACV on kidney disease. However, excessive consumption of ACV may lead to an increase in potassium levels, which can be dangerous to people with kidney disease.

3. Are there any precautions one should take while consuming ACV to avoid any harm to the kidneys?

To avoid possible damage to kidney, ACV should be consumed in moderate amounts and must be always diluted with water. People with pre-existing kidney problems or taking medications that affect the kidneys should consult their doctor before consuming apple cider vinegar.

4. Are there any benefits of consuming ACV for kidney health?

Several studies suggest that ACV may offer potential kidney health benefits,  like Reduces inflammation and oxidative stress, improves insulin sensitivity, and promotes weight loss. 



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