Apple Cider Vinegar Vs. White Vinegar – Know the Difference

White vinegar vs apple cider vinegar
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Vinegar is one of the most common parts of various dishes as it brings a distinctive taste to the food. Being citric, it makes a dish appear tangy in taste. With apple cider vinegar and white vinegar finding a place, they have their distinctive properties.

Apple cider vinegar is famously known to have antimicrobial and antioxidant constituents that make it a healthy choice for sure. On the other hand, the standard white vinegar is known to be used in cooking, cleaning, and medicinal applications. Both kinds of vinegars have become an integral part of the daily lifestyle. 

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Apple Cider Vinegar Vs. White Vinegar: The real-world difference

First of all, apple cider vinegar is brown with a murky appearance. Further, is manufactured by crushing apples, taking their juice, and fermented to get the final material. Contrary to this, white vinegar is crystal clear having acetic acid. It is made by fermenting grained alcohol, which gives white vinegar a sour taste.

For years, they have been used for various purposes.  When it comes to disinfecting the house, white vinegar is an ideal choice. Considering the use of apple cider vinegar, it has nutritional value with health benefits such as cleaning dandruff, losing weight, and maintaining heart health.

Cleaning with Apple Cider Vinegar Vs. White Vinegar:

Out of apple cider vinegar and white vinegar, the best bet for cleaning is white vinegar. The reason is its acidic properties that make the vinegar to be more effective than its counterpart. Apart from this, the antimicrobial properties of white vinegar allow you to keep your house disinfectant.

Though, you can use apple cider vinegar too. But, it does not have antimicrobial properties or a strong smell to ward off insects. If you are concerned about the pungent smell of white vinegar, using essential oils with white vinegar can mitigate the smell quickly.

PH of Apple Cider Vinegar Vs. White Vinegar:

Ph of ACV and white vinegar

PH is one of the most famous and widely accepted measurements of acidic strength in a material. When it comes to measuring the same unit in vinegar, apple cider vinegar is one of the most acidic ones on the block.

Standing at 3.3 to 3.5 at 5 percent, it is stated as vinegar with a tricky chemical compound. On the other hand, white vinegar is less acidic because it contains organic acids and exotic compounds.

Moreover, they are distilled vinegar that makes them less acidic at 4 points. Generally, the less PH number denotes higher acidic content in the vinegar and makes it more troublesome to consume. Of course, both kinds of vinegars have their own set of usage in our daily lifestyles. But, it is better to limit the use of vinegar in the daily diet or other household uses. 

Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar:

Effective in Killing Harmful Bacteria:

Besides being an excellent food preserver, apple cider vinegar is perfect for killing harmful bacteria. It has been used for cleaning purposes, keeping bacteria away, and keeping food fresh for a longer time. 

2. Helps to Control Diabetes:

It is proved in the researches that apple cider vinegar is excellent in reducing blood sugar levels and controlling diabetes. The reason is that vinegar improves insulin sensitivity in the body, needed for managing blood sugar.

3. Aids Weight Loss:

Regular and controlled consumption of apple cider vinegar improves the feeling of fullness. With this, you tend to crave less for eating meals at times or at short intervals. This regulates your appetite and helps in losing weight.

4. Improves Skin Health:

Apple cider vinegar is an essential remedy for treating skin problems like eczema and dry skin. Generally, the human skin is slightly acidic and the use of vinegar will help in rebalancing the natural PH of the skin. 

Benefits of White Vinegar

1. Helps to Manage Weight:

It is seen that consumption of vinegar will keep your belly full, and stop you from eating more than required. As the appetite gets controlled, you consume fewer calories and lose weight.

2. Possess Antimicrobial Properties:

White vinegar is known for treating physical ailments such as infections and fungus because of its antimicrobial properties. It is effective as a topical treatment for burns as well.

3. Brilliant Cleaning Agent:

White vinegar is an effective cleaning agent, used for disinfecting floors, dishes, and many other surfaces.

4. Improves the Taste of Food:

It is one of the important inclusions to enhance the taste of salads, marinades, sauces, and other food items. A splash of white vinegar improves the overall taste.

White Vinegar Vs. Apple Cider Vinegar Bath

When you have to select apple cider vinegar vs. white vinegar for bath, the winner is apple cider vinegar because it is less acidic. The reason is that its considered effective in treating various skin problems. But, this does not mean that white vinegar cannot be used. All you have to do is add more water to white vinegar for reducing its acidic properties.

White Vinegar Vs. Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Loss

Both white vinegar and apple cider vinegar are known to help you in reducing weight. Their consumption will give a feeling of fullness and your appetite will be controlled. Indeed, white vinegar is slightly more acidic. So, you can use less quantity of white vinegar as compared to apple cider vinegar. Apart from this, apple cider vinegar has the goodness and health benefits of apple as well.


Be it apple cider vinegar or white vinegar, both of them have their distinctive qualities. Still, apple cider vinegar takes a slight edge because it is less acidic and has the health benefits of apple. You can use either of the vinegar for different purposes. 

Both these vinegar are a staple in food with distinctive qualities, which makes them a favorable choice. White vinegar is more often used for cleaning and adding a citric taste to the food; while, apple cider vinegar is extensively used for weight loss and other health benefits.



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