Can My Dogs Eat Sugar Snap Peas or Are They Harmful? Find out here

can dogs eat sugar snap peas
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Eating peas is always healthy, and spring is the best season to savor the delight. As it is a favorite dish amongst humans, dogs love peas as much as their owners do. You should not include peas ardently in the diet plan of your dog. Giving them occasionally as a treat can be a good idea.

It has been seen that peas are a regular inclusion in the diet plan of commercial dogs. Whatever the case may be, dogs can eat sugar snap peas without any problem because it is not poisonous for them. No matter, it is sugar snap peas, snow peas, and garden-fresh peas, the dogs can eat them. One thing to be careful of is that you should not give them canned peas as they contain sodium. Indeed, sodium is not good for the overall health of your lovable dog.

Can dogs eat sugar snap peas? Are they safe?

It is certain that dogs can eat sugar snap peas but on an occasional basis. Peas are known as the source of vitamins like A, B, and. Moreover, peas are loaded with specialized minerals such as potassium, zinc, iron, and magnesium. The nutritional value of peas does not stop here as it has protein and is rich in fiber. Besides these packs of goodness, peas contain an anti-oxidant named lutein, which is excellent for your dog’s heart, skin, and eye health. 

Even after so much nutrition contained in sugar snap peas or fresh peas, they should not be given to dogs with kidney problems. The reason is that it contains a chemical compound named purines, which generates uric acid in the kidney. An excessive amount of uric acid can lead to various kidney problems in your dog like stones, which require hospitalization or surgical process.

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Can dogs eat sugar snap peas raw?

The dogs do not require vegetables like peas daily. Being carnivorous, they love to eat chicken or non-vegetarian food. But, giving them raw sugar snap peas as an occasional snack will not create a problem. It is because peas are low in calories, which will not add to their weight as well. Be it any kind of peas, dogs can enjoy the taste. In fact, peas are common in their diet. They can be eaten in the form of fresh, thawed, frozen, and boiled too. Just avoid giving canned peas to your pet. 

Are peas good for dogs?

sugar snap peas

It is easy for your dog to digest sugar snap peas as they are very safe for them. As peas contain vitamins and other forms of minerals, they prove good for your dog’s digestion, skin, vision, heart, and immune system. There are times that you may see your dog feeding on peas in the house. Just make sure that those are not the canned product. The reason is that canned products have added sodium, which might not be apt for their health.


Peas are a good source of vitamins, minerals, protein, and fiber. It makes them common in a human’s regular diet. Though peas are not harmful to your dogs, they can be given to them on an occasional basis. 

These days, sugar snap peas are commonly seen as a part of a dog’s diet. They are soft and easy to digest. All you have to do is just take care that your dog does not feed on canned peas because they contain added sodium. Indeed, excessive intake of sodium can prove fatal for your dog’s kidney.



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