Can Dogs Eat Twizzlers? Let’s Find out in Detail

can dogs eat twizzlers or are they toxic?
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Your dog would love to eat what you really enjoy eating. Certainly, you cannot deny them any food as they make these cute innocent faces which you can’t resist and you fall for them all over again. But, this does not mean that you can give them any food possible. Some of them might be harmful to them. One such is Twizzlers, a chewable tube-shaped licorice candy popular among kids and adults. Can dogs eat Twizzlers? Well, the straightforward answer is that it should be avoided. The reason behind this fact is that it has an extensive amount of sugar content, which can be harmful to the health of dogs.

Of course, everyone knows that dogs have an instinct for a strong smell. The Twizzlers have a strong smell of strawberry and cherry that attracts them. Many people question that dogs can eat strawberry Twizzlers or not. Though, resisting Twizzlers is impossible. Still, dog owners need to check that safe food item should be given to the pets. The Twizzlers have licorice in them, and dogs are allergic to licorice. So, people should understand that dogs cannot eat licorice.

Ingredients of Twizzlers:

The irresistible taste and aroma of the Twizzlers candy make it consumable. The children and adults consume them quite often. But, they should not be consumed regularly. If you think that dogs can eat Twizzlers; then, you are wrong, you might risk your pet’s health. It is the responsibility of the dog owner to keep such candies away from them because of the sugary content in them.

  • Corn Syrup
  • Enriched Wheat Flour
  • Sugar Corn starch
  • Licorice Extract
  • Natural and Artificial Flavor
  • Palm Oil
  • Salt
  • Glycerine
  • Caramel Color
  • Potassium Sorbate

These long candies have loads of sugar with artificial colors and flavors. Though, they are not dangerous for humans; but you should not include them as a staple in the diet plan. Moreover, the candy is harmful to the dogs if they consume it.

Can My Dog have 2 Twizzlers?

can my dog eat two twizzlers?

Definitely, it is not advisable to feed your dog with Twizzlers. The Twizzlers contain high sugar content, and it is not recommended for dogs. Be it two or any amount, these candies should not be consumed by dogs at all. Though, it might not be life-threatening; still, Twizzlers can be a problem for the dental health of your dog. Apart from this, excessive sugar intake can result in excessive shedding of the hair and allergic reactions in dogs. 

My Dog Eat Twizzlers. What Shall I Do?

Can a dog eat red Twizzlers made of strawberry? It is well-known that dogs are attracted to the strong smell of a food item. The Twizzlers have a strong smell of strawberry and cherry making it irresistible for the dogs to avoid them. If you see that your dog ate Twizzlers, it is necessary to follow certain steps. 

Step 1: First of all, you should patiently observe doing anything odd after consuming Twizzlers. Some of the symptoms that might occur are:

    1. Bloating of stomach
    2. Diarrhea
    3. Loss of appetite
    4. Vomiting
    5. Dehydration

Step 2: On noticing these symptoms, you should seek immediate medical help. 

Step 3:Take your dog to a specialized veterinary doctor, who can give a specified injection of medication to your dog. 

Step 4: Keep giving medications to your dog as per the doctor’s instructions and the pet will show recovery soon. 

You might see similar reactions or changes in your pet if they eat peppermint candy canes.

Can Dog Eat Strawberry Twizzlers?

twizzlers strawberry flavor e1633108964837

Twizzlers certainly have excessive sugar content in them. If dogs eat Twizzlers; it is necessary to take medical assistance as it can be dangerous to their health. This answers the question that Twizzlers are bad for dogs or not. As your dog consumes Twizzlers, their dental and physiological health can create a lot of problems. Moreover, licorice can prove to be toxic for dogs as well. It tends to make them very sick.

Can Dogs Eat Sweet and Sour Twizzlers?

twizzlers sour gummies e1633109017166

Do you have a question in mind that can your dog eat sweet and sour Twizzlers? The presence of high sugar content and a toxic element named licorice can prove fatal for dogs. Excessive feeding of Twizzlers to the dog can make them overweight, develop diabetes, and even have dental problems. It is obvious that you do not want your pet to come across any health issue. So, it is necessary to keep them away from Twizzlers. Of course, you do not want to see your dog in pain and feel troubled at a later stage.

Can Dogs Eat Licorice?

licorice for dogs

It is recommended that you should not give licorice or any candy containing licorice to your dog. The reason is that licorice is a toxic element, which can cause serious health issues to your pet. These may include tooth decay, diabetes, and weight gain in dogs. Moreover, the licorice does not contain any kind of nutritional value. So, it does not do any good to their overall health. Definitely, the health of your pet should matter the most for a dog lover. If you think that your dogs can eat licorice or not; it is a no.


Twizzlers are one of the most favored candies of children and adults alike. There are many people, who have a question in their mind that can dog eat Twizzlers too. For them, it is important to know that Twizzlers are not meant for dogs. These candies contain a high amount of sugar and a toxin named licorice that can prove fatal for the dog’s health.



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