Easy Vegan Gummy Bear Recipe For Chewy Delicious Gummies (100% Gelatin-Free)

Vegan gummy bear recipe
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Vegan gummy bears are high in demand because of their carbohydrate content and excellent taste. But, it is not just the taste; rather, the fun-filled recipe coming from the experts. They made it look easy and give way to homemade vegan gummy bears. Indeed, gummy bears are accepted amongst every family member; be it a child or an adult. These candies have a huge demand, which keeps on increasing with time as they are gluten-free and organic. The best thing is that you can enjoy the gummy bears at any time of the day

How to Make Vegan Gummy Bear without Gelatin

What makes gummy bears a favorite of all is their constituents. Indeed, the vegan gummy bear’s ingredients consist of fruit juices, fruit powder, agar-agar powder, and specialized sweeteners. All these make the vegan gummy bears’ recipe to be exclusively tasty. 

  • Fruit Juice:

These fruit juices are organic and safe to consume that acts as the basic and a significant ingredient in gummy bears. They lend a specified flavor to the gummy bears. So, it is necessary to decide the flavor needed in the candy and select the fruit juice accordingly. 

  • Fruit Powder:

The fruit powder increases the nutritional value of the gummy bears. You can buy various types of fruit powders to give a delicious taste to your recipe. 

  • Red Gummy Bears: gummy bear 4

It is a spectacular mixture of red cherry juice and indigo-colored blueberry powder. 

  • Blue Gummy Bears: gummy bear 6

These contain an ideal blend of blue raspberry, blue spirulina powder, and apple or pineapple juice.

  • Green Gummy Bears: gummy bear 5

The green apple juice and green spirulina powder lend a perfect green color to the gummy candies. 

  • Orange Gummy Bears: gummy bear 7

These types of gummy bears include orange juice, and sugar-free orange powder to augment the taste of the candies. 

  • Agar-Agar Powder:

It is known as an ideal alternative to gelatin and makes gummy bears vegan. This gelatin-free alternative is made with the extraction of carbohydrates from seaweed. The usage of agar-agar powder is to make the recipe thicker. Not just gummy bears, this ingredient is used in making jams, jellies, ice creams, and many desserts as well.

  • Sweetener:

To make your candy taste sweet, you can add vegan sugar, maple syrup, and even beet sugar as sweeteners. Besides these, you can buy artificial sugar sweeteners from the market.

gelatin-free gummies

Steps to Make Healthy Gummy Bears

It is necessary to follow a step-wise-step procedure for making sugar-free, vegan gummy bears. This will help you to ensure that all ingredients are used efficiently. 

Step 1:

First of all, take a silicone mold for a perfect shape. 

Step 2:

Secondly, take a mixing bowl and put ingredients such as agar-agar powder, fruit juice, fruit powder, as well as sweetener. Then, mix all the ingredients well. 

Step 3:

Further, heat a pan and pour the mixture into it. Allow the mixture to distillate for 5 minutes. Now, the mixture will appear to have a syrup-like consistency. 

Step 4:

Let the mixture cool down for 5 minutes. Then, you have to pour it into the mold. As the mold gets filled, you can refrigerate them for a while. 

Step 5:

Take the mold out of the fridge, remove tasty and organic gummy bears, and enjoy the delight. 

By learning about how to make vegan chewy gummy bears, you will be able to satiate your hunger at any time. This recipe is meant to make no back cruelty-free and plant-based vegetarian gummy bears.

Source: Tiffin Box

Nutritional Value of the Gummy Bears:

  • Considering the nutritional values of gummy bears, they have and 10 percent of carbohydrates per 17 bearsnutrition
  • Apart from this, it does not contain any fat, sodium, cholesterol, and potassium.
  • The gummy bears have 6 percent of protein.

Not just the nutritional value; the proportion of consumption is extremely important. It is fine to eat 30 grams of gummy bears in a day. In 30 grams, 20 vegan gummy bears can be consumed. On eating gummy bears post-workout, they provide insulin to the body.

You can find gummy bears in a variety of flavors. In fact, plant-rich gummy bears are a great source of carbohydrates with a chewy elastic texture. It is noted that the classic soft gummy bears have an extensive amount of nutrition. As a tasty snack, it is easier to make gummy bears at home as compared to traveling to a distantly located shop.


The vegan gummy bears are manufactured with no-gelatin ingredients and are a plant-based recipe. It has a perfect mixture of agar-agar powder, vegan sugar, fruit juices, and fruit powders.

Here are some of the best brands that manufacture vegan gummy bears:

    1. Surf Sweet Organic Fruity Bears
    2. Annie’s Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks
    3. Kanibi Organic Gummies
    4. Snap Supplements ACV Gummies
    5. Vegobears Venice Bearch Sour Gummy Bears

Generally, gummy bears contain gelatin that has been denoted as protein extracted from animal skin. This does not suit the vegan community. For them, agar-agar powder is used in place of gelatin. It is used to set the gummy bears and lend a shape to them.

The gelatin present in the gummy bears is a specialized protein taken from animal skin, including a pig. These are called non-vegan gummy bears.

Yes, gummy bears can be toxic to dogs because it contains xylitol or xanthan gum made from artificial flavors. But, it is necessary to ensure that dogs have a very small amount of gummy bears. If the dogs act awkwardly; then, you should opt for a veterinary doctor. Learn in detail if your dog can eat gummy bear or not?



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