True North Confections Electric Watermelon Gummies Review in 2023

Electric Watermelon Gummies
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In 2019, the term “True North Confections” was first used. The corporation is based in the state of Michigan. It was their goal to produce high-quality therapeutic cannabis goods, such as distillers and flowers. Donkey Butter, GMO, AU Blue Slush, AU Empire MAC, and a slew of other high-quality strains are among the brand’s most well-known products.

Although the company is new, its staff has a combined 75 years of cannabis experience. They make vast varieties of gummies out of which Electric Watermelon Gummies are well known. We will discuss it more as we move further.


Cannibal – CBD gummies have the potential to treat a wide range of ailments without causing dependence, overdose, or other negative side effects. To achieve equilibrium, it interacts with the human body’s endocannabinoid system. If you’re interested in trying Cannibal, True north confections Electric Watermelon gummies are a great way to get started. They are easier to swallow, more convenient, and provide a better user experience than tablets.


Because of the possibility of medication interactions, it’s essential to consult your doctor before attempting to use Cannibal. There have been a few reports of Cannibal users experiencing negative effects such as dry mouth, changes in appetite, weariness, or diarrhea. It is possible to experience side effects if you take too much, or if you utilize the wrong product (full spectrum vs. isolate). To identify the optimum cannabinoid dosage and frequency for you, self-experimentation is necessary for cannabinoid treatment.


The packaging of these Gummies is really nice. They come in a zip lock bag so the gummies always stay fresh and do not get soggy. The color combination used in the pack of these gummies is also very appealing. It makes you want to buy them.

Feel and Texture

True North Confections Electric Watermelon Gummies are very smooth to touch. They are soft and have a fine texture. It is easy to swallow. They are cuboid-shaped gummies that are medium in size.  The color of these gummies is sea green. It looks delicious and tempting.

Taste and Swallow

The taste of these watermelon gummies is strong. They are very delicious and you cannot stop after one gummy. When you eat them, there is a blast of flavors in your mouth which feels very refreshing and you start feeling energetic and fresh. They have a mix of sour and sweet tastes. The gummy has a smooth texture so they are easy to swallow and easily melts in your mouth.


These True North Confections gummies are worth a try. They have a good taste and the flavor is very refreshing. Their effect is also very strong. You cannot stop eating them. Their packaging is very great. The zip lock bag works best. Their price is also very affordable.



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